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Arts Review - By Rohan Shearn 30th March 2015

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Reflecting on the family influences which have shaped her rich and distinguished career, Miriam Margolyes returns to the stage following her turn in MTC’s 2014 production of I’ll Eat You Last, in The Importance of Being Miriam.

From the outset we are assured the title of the show is a cheeky reference to one of the great literature loves of her life, Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Miriam reveals a fascinating insight into her love of literature and its characters, along with those things that matter to her most – her parents, her friends and her work. Director Peter J Adams has delivered a straight-forward production that allows Margolyes to do what she knows best, to tell a great story.

Lady Bracknell and Miss Prism from The Importance of Being Earnest, Miss Havisham from Great Expectations, Miss Flite from Bleak House and Mr Bumble and Mrs Corney from Oliver Twist – all get an outing. They are joined with many personal stories. From meeting the Queen, her exploration of Gertrude Stein, the heart-wrenching escape from the atrocities of war as a child, to her new life as an Australian citizen – all reveal a rich tapestry of her life.

Matthew Aberline’s design is simply gorgeous. The clearly defined acting areas feature a chaise lounge and high-back armchair, drawing inspiration from the shows classical literature roots with over-sized books – is beautifully lit by Robert Cuddon.

Posted : 30th March 2015

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