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Whats on Stage May 4th 2017 - Alun Hood 4th May 2017

It's a comic tour de force and it is hard to imagine any other actress pulling it off with so much aplomb. Margolyes also touchingly conveys the loneliness of a woman isolated partly by her Polish-Jewish origins but also by her success as a businesswoman at a time when a woman's place was still perceived to be in the home ......

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The Oldie March 2016 - Audio Books by Paul Keegan 1st March 2016

"Any audiobook of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland must concede ground, if not early defeat, to the book's enchantment with the printed page..........The vital thing for audio is to catch Alice's childlike grown-upness, her constancy against the odds (her blanched composure in Tenniel's illustrations). Among the many available audio versions - the oddest being those with male narrators - it is only Miriam Margolyes who really registers that while the story was originally written for a child, the child in the story must be treated as an equal.

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Arts Review - By Rohan Shearn 30th March 2015

From the outset we are assured the title of the show is a cheeky reference to one of the great literature loves of her life, Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Miriam reveals a fascinating insight into her love of literature and its characters, along with those things that matter to her most – her parents, her friends and her work...

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