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The LONDONIST 6th November 2019 - Johnny Fox 8th November 2019

Miriam Margolyes owns the stage from her wheelchair as Nell, a cantankerous East End pensioner who trusts no-one and finds her dependence on others mortally frustrating. Her containment of rage, and its release in a stream of dexterous and inventive filth is both a delight and a challenge to watch, because it seems so authentic………………………. And Margolyes is just a fabulous old bag.

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The REVIEWS HUB 6th November 2019 - Maryam Philpott 8th November 2019

Miriam Margolyes is dazzlingly good as Nell, fully inhabiting the mischievous and darker aspects of the character while visibly changing her tone and manner with nurse Fee to elicit sympathy and friendship. The joy of this mercurial performance lies in its ambiguity, never being sure whether she is the cruel and thoughtless mother Sydney believes or a woman damaged by guilt and grief for a lost child…..

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The ARTSDESK 6th November 2019 - Aleks Sierz 8th November 2019

Actor Miriam Margolyes is a phenomenon. .. She's a great trooper, dominating the stage with her force of determination and presence. Her performance is full of expressive grimaces and wonderfully earthy verbal flights, and at times she infuses Nell with a solid Cockney humanity, her perceptions sharp and her tongue as hard as a cosh…….

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Whats on Stage, 6th November 2019 - Sarah Crompton 8th November 2019

Acerbic humour from O’Hare coupled with the inimitable Miriam Margolyes in a rare London stage performance make Sydney & The Old Girl a production not to be missed. This is a horrid play. It's about a horrid, grumpy old woman and her horrid, racist son who are trapped together in a horrid claustrophobic flat. ……. Virtually the only reason to see it is its star Miriam Margolyes, who, even though she is trapped in a wheelchair for most of the time, energises the stage by the sheer force of her personality and the vigour of her performance. Emotions – fury, concern, malevolence, fear – pass over her mobile face like storm clouds; she is always watchable and compelling…..

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The Guardian 6th November - Mark Billington 8th November 2019

Park theatre, London Dark comedy peeks through the relationship between a malevolent mum and her paranoid middle-aged son in Eugene O’Hare’s Pinteresque play …..Miriam Margolyes, lately more familiar for being her uninhibited self on television, reminds us what an excellent actor she is. She brings out all of Nell’s grumpy malevolence while suggesting she is haunted by guilt over the institutionalising of another son and even has a grudging regard for his despised sibling….

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EVENING STANDARD 13th February 2019 -  By Guy Pewsey 13th February 2019

THE REAL MARIGOLD ON TOUR – ST PETERSBURG - BBC1 13th February 2019 9pm Thank heavens for Miriam Margolyes. The English-Australian actress, star of The Age of Innocence and the Harry Potter films, may never have reached the heady heights of, say, Dame Judi Dench or Dame Maggie Smith in terms of national treasure status but she outmatches all others of her generation when it comes to an ebullient sense of fun.

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Australian Stage Online - Doug Knight 12th February 2019

Miriam Margolyes is quite simply a force of nature - sublime! The detail and thought that has gone into summoning this peerless portrayal is a gift she shares and nothing short of a privilege to receive. With exquisite timing, she grasps the subtleties in Bennett's text to deliver solo moments of mesmerising and heart-breaking softness to a character both hilarious and wretched...…….... The Lady in the Van is a powerful and frank examination of what it is to share our lives and our space. This is an incredible moment in Melbourne’s theatrical calendar and despite a few minor queries, I firmly believe it will find its level as the season continues.

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