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EVENING STANDARD 13th February 2019 -  By Guy Pewsey 13th February 2019

THE REAL MARIGOLD ON TOUR – ST PETERSBURG - BBC1 13th February 2019 9pm Thank heavens for Miriam Margolyes. The English-Australian actress, star of The Age of Innocence and the Harry Potter films, may never have reached the heady heights of, say, Dame Judi Dench or Dame Maggie Smith in terms of national treasure status but she outmatches all others of her generation when it comes to an ebullient sense of fun.

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Australian Stage Online - Doug Knight 12th February 2019

Miriam Margolyes is quite simply a force of nature - sublime! The detail and thought that has gone into summoning this peerless portrayal is a gift she shares and nothing short of a privilege to receive. With exquisite timing, she grasps the subtleties in Bennett's text to deliver solo moments of mesmerising and heart-breaking softness to a character both hilarious and wretched...…….... The Lady in the Van is a powerful and frank examination of what it is to share our lives and our space. This is an incredible moment in Melbourne’s theatrical calendar and despite a few minor queries, I firmly believe it will find its level as the season continues.

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“Man in Chair” - Simon Parris 8th February 2019

….Margolyes’ performance is a wonder to behold. In the 150 minute running time (including interval), Margolyes is rarely off the stage (and when she is offstage, her absence is keenly felt). Mention must be made of the fact that that we rely on theatre to eschew the ageism of Hollywood and give a real woman such a wonderful leading role.

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Limelight - Patricia Maunder 8th February 2019

Though the title role was originated 20 years ago by Maggie Smith, who also interpreted her for the 2015 cinematic adaptation, Alan Bennett’s eponymous lady in the van could have been written for Miriam Margolyes. Funny, indomitable and with a manner of speaking the Queen’s English that turns any comment, no matter how banal or ridiculous, into oration, the British-Australian actress is the undoubted star of this first Melbourne Theatre Company outing for 2019...………………...With a gently witty script and marvellous performance by Margolyes, The Lady in the Van is an enjoyable exploration of mental illness, introversion, extroversion and the art of writing itself. This production won’t win any awards (with the possible exception of Margolyes) but will likely win a few hearts.

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Margolyes betters the Dame as cantankerous Lady in the Van -  Cameron Woodhead 8th February 2019

There’s no one I’d rather see in the role of Miss Mary Shepherd – the bizarre and bull-headed homeless woman at the centre of Alan Bennett’s The Lady In The Van – than Miriam Margolyes. Not even Dame Maggie Smith, whose performance in the 2015 film was showered in critical acclaim. Margolyes’ ability to impose herself onstage as an immoveable force, her Dickensian sense of character, her natural hilarity and talent for the grotesque, and the way she can render a comedic shell so precisely that the shape of the pain underneath becomes part of the armour – all these qualities make her the perfect choice to play an outsider who turns everyone else inside out.

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The Blurb.com - Alex First 7th February 2019

For Margolyes, in a glittering career that has included several MTC appearances, The Lady in the Van is undoubtedly one of the high points. It’s a flawless performance in which she captures the essence of a sad but proud figure who lived life by her own rules. She also looks the part – like an unmade bed...……..

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Whats on Stage May 4th 2017 - Alun Hood 4th May 2017

It's a comic tour de force and it is hard to imagine any other actress pulling it off with so much aplomb. Margolyes also touchingly conveys the loneliness of a woman isolated partly by her Polish-Jewish origins but also by her success as a businesswoman at a time when a woman's place was still perceived to be in the home ......

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