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Arts Review - By Rohan Shearn 30th March 2015

From the outset we are assured the title of the show is a cheeky reference to one of the great literature loves of her life, Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Miriam reveals a fascinating insight into her love of literature and its characters, along with those things that matter to her most – her parents, her friends and her work...

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The Daily Review - By Ben Brooker 26th March 2015

Margolyes, at last, in full, fruity flight, her soft face and clipped, Oxfordian vowels transformed utterly into Dickensian grotesquerie that, nevertheless, remains ineffably human. This is just one of Margolyes’ great gifts as a performer but it is, probably, the one that most marks her out as one of the great actors of her generation

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The BLURB Magazine - The Editor 15th November 2014

It’s damn hard to hold an audience’s attention by yourself for 10 minutes let alone an hour and a half, but Margolyes’ majesty with Logan’s language and Dean Bryant’s direction can’t and shouldn’t be underestimated. She plays the character as if she was a Stradivarius, making each note count. The rousing reception she received when she finally exited the stage said it all.

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Sunday Herald Sun - By Byron Bache 9th November 2014

Her accent is startlingly perfect, her timing is killer and, underneath the ash-blonde wig and hexagonal tinted glasses, Margolyes disappears entirely..............................I’ll Eat You Last is brilliant,bitchy, knock-the-wind-out-of-you funny, and a cracking night at the theatre.

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Theatre People.com - By Adam Rafferty 8th November 2014

Originally played on Broadway by Bette Midler, Sue is brought to the MTC stage with as much brio as Sue herself, by theatrical (and now national) treasure, Miriam Margolyes. Cheeky, playful and full of gusto, Margolyes slurps, puffs and chews her way through the monologue and Sue’s endless chain of cigarettes, joints, chocolates and tumblers of dark liquor. If facing the intimate Fairfax studio audience is as confronting as she expressed following her encore, then it is certainly hard to tell through the swags of confidence with which she attracts attention on stage.

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Stage Whispers - By Coral Drouyn 8th November 2014

it’s Margolyes and Mengers – melded into one fantastical over the top ‘Bitch with a Heart of Gold’ – who makes us stand and cheer for more. It doesn’t matter that anyone under 60 won’t know many of the actors she references; we love them because Mengers loved them. This is the best value for money entertainment that MTC has offered in a very long while.

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