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Whats on Stage, 6th November 2019 - Sarah Crompton 8th November 2019

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Acerbic humour from O’Hare coupled with the inimitable Miriam Margolyes in a rare London stage performance make Sydney & The Old Girl a production not to be missed. This is a horrid play. It's about a horrid, grumpy old woman and her horrid, racist son who are trapped together in a horrid claustrophobic flat. ……. Virtually the only reason to see it is its star Miriam Margolyes, who, even though she is trapped in a wheelchair for most of the time, energises the stage by the sheer force of her personality and the vigour of her performance. Emotions – fury, concern, malevolence, fear – pass over her mobile face like storm clouds; she is always watchable and compelling…..

Posted : 8th November 2019

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