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Oh Miriam! UK Paperback Release date 4th July 2024 28th February 2024

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The Independent - Robert McCrum - 11th September 2023  - THE MYSTERY OF THE TERRIBLY NAUGHTY MRS TIGGY-WINKLE

“…She’s sweary, bitchy, and as paint-strippingly candid as ever, but Miriam Margolyes remains a conundrum even if you’ve read her second memoir ‘Oh Miriam!’, says Robert McCrum....In summary, Margolyes is a conundrum as much to herself as to her audiences. Her chapter “Know Thyself” has the right instinct, but when we join her before the mirror, we only get:“May I introduce you to my body?” Her mind remains opaque. To some, she’s a force of nature, a tour defarce. On the page, rather more complicated than she seems; in person, bold, brave and bright, but also revealing, shocking, touching, and infuriating. An icon, a cock-sucker – and the star of her show."

"..  Oh Miriam! may not be for the squeamish.  Look closer, however, and you might be surprised at what you find, a shy, vulnerable Jewish girl who is not ashamed to declare:“if you prick me, do I not bleed?”


The Guardian - Simon Hattenstone - 8th September 2023 -  I DON'T JUST WANT TO BE A FOUL-MOUTHED OLD BIDDY

"...She quotes Gertrude Stein who, when asked what a writer most wants, replied, “Oh, praise, praise, praise,praise, praise.” That’s what she’s wanted, too, Margolyes says. Has getting it made her more content? “Ooh yes! When people come up to you and they’re pleased just to be in your company, well, that’s a wonderful thing.”


The Observer – Rhik Samadder - 17th September 2023  - A ‘NATIONAL TRINKET’ REMEMBERS

“……There is something heroic in her unruliness. Oddly, you wish she allowed herself to be a touch more serious at times, about herself and the freedom to develop her themes, but it’s unwise to have expectations around Margolyes. Let her take the lead and enjoy the show….”

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